George Zimmerman’s wife has doubts about his innocence –

George Zimmerman’s wife has doubts about his innocence –


George Zimmerman's wife has doubts about his innocence -


U.S. House Votes 231-192 to Delay Obamacare For One-Year


Shortly after 12:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 29th, the Republican led tactic to repress Obamacare / The Affordable Care Act for one year, spoke in numbers: 231 to 192.  (Washington Post)

Political analysts predict that the U.S. Senate will reject this morning’s House’s bill, restore the efficacy of Obamacare, then return it to the U.S. House by Monday evening.

The problem is (which is why this crisis is deemed a tactic), the U.S. House reportedly will not have “the time” to review and submit its response to the Senate’s response before preventing a shutdown of federal government . If this occurs, thousands of Federal employees will be furloughed without a paycheck.

Many political analysts have warned that this measure to “not give President Obama a victory for Obamacare”, will surely backfire on the many U.S. House Republicans who backed the bill this morning come re-election time.

More to come…

Thank you, Miss America – (and Thank you, Roxanne Jones!)

Thank you, Roxanne Jones for splitting the grinding stump of ignorance regarding newly crowned Miss America, Nina Davuluri into pieces today on

Jones, the founding editor of ESPN The Magazine, former Vice President of ESPN, 2010 Woman of the Year – Women in Sports and Events, co-author of  “Say It Loud: An Illustrated History of the Black Athlete,” (Random House) and CEO of Push Media Strategies….

…plainly and simply, broke it down.  Miss Davuluri is beautiful and she is Miss America.  Bigots and such, get over it.

I wonder if the same people who are opposed to Miss Davuluri’s crown are also upset that Barack and Michelle Obama are both brilliant, majestic, and in the White House.  Just a thought.

Congratulations, Miss Davuluri and thanks again, Ms. Jones for your powerful words.

Opinion: Thank you, Miss America -

Opinion: Thank you, Miss America –